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By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 25 Jan 2021



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following @lbi-token that can be read in here, I was thinking about the Charging Bull from Wall Street and what it real means.

In the recent USA unrest, starting with the Occupy Street Movement, it was falsely attacked by the protesters, as most of them didn't bother to read it's history and research the symbolism behind.

There was placed another statue placed in front of this one, that was in the mean time thankfully removed, which was acclaimed by the protesters, but what represented the opposite what they have been thinking. That SHE statue was the evil and the bull represents for me the good side of the story. Destroying statues to change the past is not the way to go. We shall remember the past with it's good and bad side and learn from it.




Now back to the Charging Bull. We all love the bull markets and fear the bearish ones and as some might think, the Charging Bull does not represent the bull market.

To understand it, we need to learn about it's history. The artist who made it, Arturo Di Modica has placed it on Wall Street in December 1989. He spent $360000 out of his money to do it.

Why? Because the USA was recovering the stock market crash from 1987 when a lot of people lost everything. It was build to inspire people to carry on fighting through the hard times.Arturo Di Modica came in 1970 to the USA and lived the American dream. Imagine as an artist to be able to pay $360k which in today's money would be $756k.




For me the Charging Bull represents the winners mentality in front of adversity and harsh times. Most of us will have ups and downs, but the way we address them puts us on the winning or losing side.

I wish you all to be Charging Bulls!

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