"Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice"?

By Gidroman | Alena's style | 28 Apr 2021

Have you heard such a statement? I read in the book. Probably 2 years I was looking for this phrase.

The essence of this phrase is that it is better to be inspired and without knowledge than to be indifferent and intelligent.

One example:
Imagine that you need an operation. You met with your doctor in the ward. He tells you, "I'm so glad I'm going to operate on you! I'm so excited about it that I can't sleep anymore. Nobody wants to help you the way I want!
You answer: "Great, doctor! Thank you! And how many similar operations you carry out? And he answers:" Well, I never passed training on this operation, I never practiced and never carried out such operation, but it is all not IMPORTANT since I really want to operate !!!! "How would you feel?

Enthusiasm is certainly great, but understanding, knowledge and skills are much more important! It takes years to become a professional!

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Alena's style

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