Swissborg (CHSB) app

By Crypto Aleksa | Aleksa | 20 Oct 2021

Hello, I have a very interesting crypto application to show you. It's called Swissborg, you can download it on android or iOS device. It's like a wallet-exchange, but much better.

Only downside is that they ask you for KYC verification.

But there are many other benefits like when you deposit 50$ you get a scratcher where you will get between 1$ and 100$ (it's usually less than 100, but you get it 😀). it's similar to celsius one. And for that scratcher you will need invitiation, just find it on internet

There are a great staking options and premium accounts.d76d512a1ec9674623be1732aa6d50ff604bae7c76c432bd01db03773c95d7f4.jpg

CHSB is also a great token, currently priced at $0.60, with $1.65 all time high. I see high potential because they are expecting a lot of new users who are probably going to lock their CHSB tokens on 1 year (to get that premium staking) and price should then go up :D

They also are looking to allow users to access some private token sales. Support deposit directly from credit card (what is very important for some smaller countries). It's like a mini digital bank.

They are giving to 200 people(most to their best customers) a right to vote about swissborg future, it's called swissborg council.

And finally the most important thing-SECURITY and SAFETY

Every day 25% of created token are used to build a Safety Net, and in case of any future hacks they will compensate the losses using the funds from the Safety Net.

I think I presented Swissborg very nicely, they also have a much more great features which can be found on their site or internet. 😄

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