My favorite dex - PancakeSwap

By Crypto Aleksa | Aleksa | 18 Oct 2021

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is decentalized exchange where you can swap for litteraly any coin on the market. Good side about it is that is on Binance Smart Chain, so taxes are pretty cheap. 


My favorite side of PancakeSwap is staking, where you can stake some lp tokens or my favorite - CAKE staking with a huge 73% APY. You should keep in mind that two months ago yield was ~90% APY so it is falling down slowly because more and more people are staking CAKE.

Here is my staking earning for last two months:


As you can see i earned aroun 6$ on deposited 50$ what is great in my opinion.

You can also find other new projects and stake CAKE to earn them .

If you want me to show you how can you add your coins to metamask and start staking please let me know down in comments.

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