Logan Paul apologises and reveals $1.3M refund program for CryptoZoo investors amid Coffeezilla drama

By Crypto Aleksa | Aleksa | 14 Jan 2023

Logan Paul has posted a video on Twitter apologizing to CryptoZoo investors, while also revealing his 3-step plan for CryptoZoo — including a rewards program to refund disappointed players.

In December 2022, YouTuber Coffeezilla uploaded investigation series about Logan Paul’s notorious CryptoZoo token that many believe is a scam.

The two quickly locked horns as Logan Paul fired back, threatening legal action against Coffeezilla for defamation. Just days later, however, he apologized to Coffee, deleted his videos, and revealed he would take accountability.

Logan has uploaded yet another video rehashing his apology to the YouTuber, as well as revealing his 3-step plan to make things right with those who invested in the project.

Logan Paul reveals plans for CryptoZoo in apology video

Posted on January 13, the video quickly went viral on Twitter. In it, Paul revealed his 3-step plan for CryptoZoo.

“Coffeezilla is not a criminal, I called him. I apologized. My initial response to his series was that of fire, ego, and pride. I was defensive because I know I never scammed anyone with this project,” he said. “The fact is, suing Coffeezilla is not going to help Cryptozoo holders so I need to focus my attention there.”

He then revealed his 3-step plan to make things better for existing holders as well as new investors.

Going on to share the specifics of the rewards program, Logan mentioned that current holders will be able to burn their egg for the mint price, which was 0.1 Ethereum and higher than the current value of the game, meaning investors can get their money back.

For the final step, Logan revealed that they plan on finishing the game as originally promised.

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