GoMining Token (GMT) - What it is?

By Crypto Aleksa | Aleksa | 23 Oct 2021

What is GMT?

GoMining Token is relatively new token, it's located on ETH network as well as on Binance Smark Chain. 

His main purpose is to let you "mine" Bitcoin. Here you can view their site:

How does this app allows us to mine BTC?

So, by holding their tokens, they are providing you certain amount of BTC mining power.

For each token you have, you get 0,001511 TH/s. One GMT is currently worth 0.46$.


How much will I earn?

This depends on the number of tokens you have.

Let's make a calculation on 100$ invested you will get about 217 GMT, what is equal to 0,327887 TH/s and here are estimated rewards:c10cd276e7bbcf7f27e7ad117c4c7048ab607a2f1b075238654b1e31fb231c18.jpg

So 3.83$ every month, that's not bad, it's equal to 46$ in one year, so now we know that they give us 46% APR

Good sides about this project:

  • Mining power is increasing every 2-3 weeks, because they burn some tokens and buy new miners 
  • UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov recently become GMT ambasador:
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  • You are holding your coins in your metamask (or in wallet you are using) while "mining", so you are not putting them into their site like you do with panackeswap and other dexes.

If you have any questions about this project or you don't know how to use metamask, please tell me in comments down bellow and I will try to help you :D

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