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By Crypto Aleksa | Aleksa | 18 Aug 2022

In late 2021, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg first reported that Apple had made the decision to completely commit to its car project and design a fully autonomous vehicle. Apple is "refocusing" its auto effort on a self-driving car that won't need a driver at all, a feat that rival automakers like Tesla haven't yet accomplished.

Apple was driving along two different roads. Apple has chosen to follow the second path under the direction of Kevin Lynch, choosing between a first option with limited self-driving functionality and a second option with complete self-driving functionality.

No Steering Wheel or Pedals:

Apple intends to create a car with a hands-free driving-focused cabin that does not have a steering wheel or pedals. Bloomberg claims that Apple has talked about a design that would resemble Canoo's Lifestyle Vehicle.


Instead of the traditional front and rear seats, passengers in this car sit along the sides of the vehicle. But since it would be useful to have on hand in an emergency, Apple might not be able to get rid of the steering wheel.

It's possible that Apple will omit these as well. Without a steering wheel, there would be no need for foot pedals to control acceleration and braking. It's still unclear whether Apple's ambitious design intentions will succeed, so it might end up looking more like a conventional automobile. Apple is attempting to obtain exemptions from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to release a vehicle without a steering wheel or brake pedal.


According to a story from The Information, Apple wants to create a car with an ambitious design that is unlike any other on the market. As a consultant on the project, former Apple design boss Jony Ive thinks the Apple Car team "should push into the quirkiness of the vehicle's architecture and not try to hide its sensors."

The vehicle is believed to include four seats that face inward, allowing occupants to converse face-to-face, and a curved ceiling that resembles the Volkswagen Beetle's roof.

Apple engineers are experimenting with a trunk compartment that rises for simple access and falls back to its original position when not in use. Large, retractable seat-back screens have also been taken into consideration by the designers.


The Apple Car was built with safety as a top priority. Apple's engineers are incorporating redundancy and backup systems that will activate to prevent driving system failures in order to make their vehicles safer than those produced by businesses like Tesla or Waymo.

If Apple wants to make the vehicle as safe as possible for drivers, it might not be viable to remove the steering wheel in the end.

Charging and Battery:

The Combined Charging System, a protocol for charging electric automobiles, might work with the Apple Car. The CCS is supported by organizations like Tesla, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Kia, Hyundai, and others, and if Apple Car users adopted this standard, they would be able to use the existing charging infrastructure.

Apple is working on a new battery design that could "radically" lower battery prices and extend the driving range of cars. By eliminating the pouches and modules that carry the battery materials, Apple is developing a "monocell" design that will bulk up the individual battery cells and create more room inside the battery pack. More active material will be possible in a smaller container as a result. The battery technology has been compared to "the first time you saw the iPhone" and has been called "next level."


The Apple Car will probably be advertised as being "much higher" than a typical electric car or as a "very high-end" model.

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