LeoFinance - Leo Crypto Stamp // From Collection: Crypto Stamps | Now on NFT Showroom - Total Edition(s): 10

LeoFinance - Leo Crypto Stamp // From Collection: Crypto Stamps | Now on NFT Showroom - Total Edition(s): 10

By aleister | aleister | 15 Apr 2021


Hi Everyone :)
Let me share with you my recently piece minted on NFT Showroom from this collection i´m building about NFT Crypto Stamps, that´s right :P

I confess that it´s not normal to write about cryptocurrencies or finance, and today it will be another opportunity that i will pass up, leaving these matters for more experienced users :)
So why i´m using the LeoFinance platform to post today?
You may have noticed by the title of the post :P That's right, this article is about LeoFinance, as LEO is now part of the collection of crypto stamps that i am creating on the NFT Showroom platform.

If you still question yourself about what is this new NFT trend all over the net, let me make a quick brief:
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token that represents something unique and can be used to create verifiable digital scarcity.
They are mainly useful in applications that require exclusive and digital items, such as digital art, collectible cards and in-game items etc.

Now a days there are a few NFT platforms were you can tokenize your digital works, but in my case i´m been using NFT Showroom, a digital art marketplace built on Hive.


LEO Crypto Stamp - Original: 1000 x 1250 GIF
Collection: Crypto Stamps
Total Edition(s): 10

You can see the original piece here:

Check out my NFT gallery here:


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That´s all for today :)


See you soon
Thank you for watching :)

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