Un QR en Marte

A QR on Mars

By Andres Lopera | ALArte | 27 May 2022

A QR code (for its acronym in English Quick Response) in addition to being a digital tool is also an aesthetic fact.

To generate and interpret a QR, the intervention of an appendix is ​​necessary. The device must be well pointed framing the drawing, have a minimum of sharpness and Internet connection. Today it is an increasingly used tool with various objectives. But, exhibiting a QR of a Bitcoin address in a gallery constitutes a declaration of individual sovereignty.


QR drawing of a Bitcoin address. Andres Lopera.

Bitcoin is a simple idea, so simple that a culture can be built on it. Decentralization, Security, Scalability are the basic trilemma defined by game dynamics. Mutual rewards and associations, according to the individuals themselves, with a solid base of exchange. 

As a drawing, the image is conditioned by technology. In a QR, the black and white spaces lead to other virtual spaces that we cannot humanly interpret.

However, made by hand, it is a look of the human being on himself, a mirror without facial features.

Furthermore, the idea of ​​something (a code) that takes or grants access to “somewhere else” is not new and may accelerate its adoption.

Could the drawing of a QR forgotten in time be considered a cult object?

What could an explorer astronaut, an "Anthropologist on Mars", say if he found something like a QR, drawn in one of his caves?


A QR on Mars

Andres Lopera.

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Andres Lopera

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