Steps to go through PancakeSwap Migration V2

By lnakuma | Akuma's Crypto Journey | 24 Apr 2021


PancakeSwap has migrated to v2 today, I had a small amount BNB-CAKE LP a while ago and never bothered to check on daily.

Of course, I failed to check their Twitter account ahead of time to know this migration. It just so happened I login my Trust Wallet and found out the upgrade.


I could not find my old LP from the old v1. I asked around in crypto groups I am with, and there were a couple people experienced the same issue. However, none of them had the exact clue in how to find the old LP and stake to the v2 equivalent. Most actions had been clicking here and there randomly and somehow the fund was back.

I started my trail and error and here is the steps I took in order to re-stake my farming pool. I want to apologize that I do not have any screenshot because I wasn’t aware which steps were correct until the whole process was done.

Note: According to PancakeSwap, this is only for Farms, not Pools.


  1. Enabled the farming pool (I don’t know if this step is necessary to be perform first, but this is what I did)
  2. Go to Liquidity under Trade
  3. Select V1 (old) at the footer
  4. Select Liquidity from the select tabs (Swap, Liquidity, Bridge), as of right now, it is right underneath of their warning banner labeled “ACTION Required for all LP token holders”
  5. You won’t see anything here at first. Click on the “Import it” link under “Your Liquidity” section
  6. Select your pair you know you had in V1.
  7. Once the application found your pair, expand your pair by clicking on the “down arrow”
  8. Click on Remove button, then select max value
  9. Click on Approve button, and pay the transaction fee
  10. Click on Remove button, and pay the transaction fee. This step will return your LP pair back to BNB + whatever token to your wallet.
  11. Check your BNB and paired token in your wallet.
  12. Header over to PancakeSwap again, and add Liquidity again as usual and stake the new pair into the farming pool.

Here are all steps I took to migrate my old LP to V2. Hope these steps are useful to others.


These steps were first posted on Leofinance.

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