coinbase earn amp token

Earn $3 worth AMP Tokens on Coinbase

Here we go with another with another Coinbase drop;

Sign up on Coinbase by clicking here --> Coinbase Sign up you will need to have your account verified, this is standard procedure. 

*It does often occur that even if you hold an account on coinbase they may still require you to reverify your details, not sure why, its happened to me and alot others in the crypto space, so dont worry about it !*

Navigate to the earn section or click this link to jump straight to the first lesson  --->  Link to AMP

You will be presented with a few slides, always good to pay attention you might not need the answers for the quiz that follows but if you're the lets get over it quick type ,, here you go

Question 1: What is Amp  ?

Answer: A Collateral token 

Question 2: What does Amp provide on the Flexa network ?

Answer : Instant settlement assurance

Question 3: What can you earn by staking Amp on Flexa ?

Answer: AMP rewards



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