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Coinbase Earn $6 worth of coins

It's been a while since i dropped any new links to those freebies but here's a 2 in 1 piece for some coins i spotted on coinbase.

A basic How-to if you're interested in learning more about the coins its always good to do your own research about them and their future potential whether you'd like to keep them or trade them as soon as you get them. I prefer the HODL method, makes it more interesting anyways here we go;

Sign up on Coinbase by clicking here --> Coinbase Sign up you will need to have your account verified, this is standard procedure.

Navigate to the earn section or click this link to jump straight to the first lesson  --->  Link to NuCypher

You will be presented with a few video slides, always good to pay attention you might not need the answers for the quiz that follows but if you're the lets get over it quick type ,, here you go

Question 1: What does Nucypher provide to users and apps ?

Answer: End-to-End encryption

Question 2: What does NuCyper use to protect your data ?

Answer : Independent nodes to perform tasks

Question 3: Which of these is NOT a use of NU tokens ?

Answer: Paying Ethereum transaction fees

And there you go quick $3 in your coinbase account, the next coin is the Numeraire Coin. Same procedure as before, Coinbase sometime times makes you verify your information again for different coin drops so just do a quick submission if this one asks for it but here we go;

Navigate to the earn section or click this link to jump straight to the first lesson  --->  Link to Numeraire

Question 1: Who submits predictions to Numerai ?

Answer: A global community of scientists

Question 2: Why do data scientists stake NMR tokens ?

Answer : To back up predictions and earn rewards

Question 3: What do data scientists pay to obtain Numerai's Financial Data?

Answer: Nothing


And there you go, quick $6 worth of coins in your account, if you'd like to earn more coins and rewards check out some of the links i had on my blogs. Some may still be active id recommend joining cointiply currently they are doing a special seasonal bonus for coins earned, if you would like to checkout my extensive page on how i earn on cointiply this link  should get you well set to earn some BTC fast. 


Thank you for stopping by! Always great to have a new or old reader drop in


Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more !

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