Free stock worth around $10 with FirstTrade

By PureOxygen | Airdrops and Referrals | 15 Feb 2020

Ok, so there's a trick to getting $10 free with the FirstTrade app and no need to enter your actual bank account info or anything (Well you can if you choose to do so, I did). Anyhow if you don't want to use your bank then you'll first need to get a Current account.  It's an online bank with no fees or hidden strings attached.  They will even send you a debit card in the mail.  Anyway, besides that get one if you prefer not to use your bank.  Here's a link for Current.

Current Account Signup

Next head on over to FirstTade and sign up using this referral then click the 'Get your free stock'.

FirstTrade Account signup

Now, after you got the FirstTrade app and signed up all you've got to do is link the Current account or your actual bank account with FirstTrade and your all set.  It should only take a 3-5 business days for the stock to show up in FirstTrade.  Then lastly your free to sell the stock and walk up to any ATM and withdraw the $10 (or how much ever depending on what the stock was worth at the time when you sold it).  Or if you choose to do so you can simply keep the sock and sell or trade it in the future.  It's your choice.

Also, to check the status and claim your free stock after signing up with FirstTrade you'll want to goto 'Account' => 'Free Stock' => 'My Free Stock' and lastly 'claim'.

That's it!  Thanks and hope you all enjoy your free $ or stock




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