Solana (SOL) Giveaway - Solana In partnership with FTX, to celebrate Solana's listing

By FreedomBuilder | airdropcrypto | 27 Jul 2020


📈 SOL is already listed on Binance.

🎁 Total Reward Pool: 10,000 SOL ≈ $20,000 for the random drawing.

👍 Create an account at FTX Exchange.

👉 Visit the SOLANA Airdrop Form.

💎 Airdrop Rules:
📌 Start the form & Complete a few social media tasks,
📌 Create an account at FTX Exchange.
📌 Net buy at least 5 SOL in the first two weeks after the FTX listing.
🔴 Note: Once SOL is listed on the FTX exchange, net buy at least 5 SOL. Net buy is defined as the sum of all buys on all SOL markets and SOL futures markets minus the sum of all sales on SOL spot markets and SOL futures markets.

👉 Submit your details.


⚠️ NOTE: I am not a financial adviser. I am not on the company team. Please Do your own research.


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