StarkNet Airdrop: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Your Potential Earnings

By JuanInTheChain | Airdrop Season | 31 Mar 2023

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The StarkNet airdrop is an exciting opportunity for users to earn valuable tokens by interacting with various applications on the StarkNet network. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of the StarkNet airdrop, which could potentially be worth over $10,000. Read on to learn how to qualify for the maximum amount of tokens and explore the various applications on the StarkNet network.

Getting Started: Setting up Your Wallet

To participate in the StarkNet airdrop, you’ll need an Ethereum address and either a MetaMask or TrustWallet account. If you don’t already have a MetaMask wallet, follow the setup process and create one with a strong password. Make sure to safely store the 12-word phrase key for future account restoration.

Qualifying for the StarkNet Airdrop: Essential Steps

  1. Bridging to StarkNet: Connect your wallet to StarkGate, the official bridge deployed by the StarkWare team, and transfer ETH tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to StarkNet. This is likely to be one of the first eligibility requirements for the airdrop.

2. Trading on a StarkNet DEX: Use a native decentralized exchange (DEX) like 10KSwap to transfer between different tokens on the StarkNet platform. Connect your wallet and swap two tokens to meet another eligibility requirement.

3. Utilizing ArgentX on StarkNet: ArgentX is a native StarkNet wallet that serves as an alternative to MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Download, install, and make transactions with ArgentX to fulfill another possible eligibility requirement.

4. Making an Orderbook Trade on Brine Finance: Brine Finance is a DEX on StarkNet that operates as a traditional order book exchange. Connect your MetaMask wallet and make a few trades to meet this eligibility criterion.

5. Participating in a StarkNet Money Market: Use a money market native to the StarkNet ecosystem, such as zkLend, to deposit and lend money while earning a yield. This is similar to traditional DeFi applications like AAVE or Compound.

6. Bridging out of StarkNet: To transfer funds back to the Ethereum mainnet, use an alternative bridging platform like Orbiter Finance. By using two different bridges, you might receive an enhanced multiplier for the StarkNet airdrop.

7. Join their Discord here.

Potential Earnings from the StarkNet Airdrop

The amount you can earn from the StarkNet airdrop depends on how much ETH you’ve bridged to StarkNet and your engagement with the various applications on the network. However, meeting all eligibility requirements could potentially earn you more than $10,000 worth of StarkNet tokens.

About StarkNet

StarkNet is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that employs zk-rollups to enhance the transactional capacity of the Ethereum network. It offers a fast, secure, and affordable alternative to current layer-1 solutions, enabling decentralized applications to scale without sacrificing security or decentralization.


The StarkNet airdrop presents an excellent chance to earn free tokens by simply using different applications on the network. To maximize your earnings, participate in the airdrop as soon as possible before the eligibility window closes. Good luck!

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Airdrop Season
Airdrop Season

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