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Scroll Airdrop: Testnet guide

By JuanInTheChain | Airdrop Season | 1 Apr 2023


All my guides will be updated every time there’s a new update about the airdrop so stay tune!

What is it? Scroll is a cryptocurrency scaling solution for Ethereum based on zkEVM and zkRollup, aiming to enhance security, maintain EVM-equivalence, improve efficiency, and ensure decentralization. It uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide security equivalent to Ethereum’s base layer, allowing seamless migration for users and developers. Scroll’s design includes a decentralized prover network, Roller, to generate proofs for Layer 2 blocks. Open research-driven innovation and community engagement help make Scroll user and developer-friendly.

Let’s get to the Airdrop:

(NEW) Step 1: Join their Discord here and get the Mystery by connecting your twitter to their

Step 2: Add Scroll to MetaMask

Step 3: Request ETH from Faucet

  • Switch to your Goerli test network and go here to collect some ETH from the Faucet.

  • Enter your wallet address and start mining testnet ETH.

Step 4: Use the Scroll bridge

  • Bridge from Layer1 to Layer2 here

Step 5: Bridge

Step 6: Use the Swap function

All set, now stay tune, I will update this article whenever new applications are released.

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Airdrop Season
Airdrop Season

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