eZKalibur — The zkSync Era-native DEX and Launchpad: What We Know So Far

By JuanInTheChain | Airdrop Season | 10 Apr 2023

All my guides will be updated every time there’s a new update about the airdrop so stay tune!

eZKalibur is the first ecosystem-focused, community-driven decentralized exchange (DEX) and launchpad built on the zkSync Era. With a mission to bring easy-to-use DeFi to as many people as possible, eZKalibur aims to help the mass adoption of zero-knowledge technology, Ethereum, and Web3. The platform is designed to be efficient, customizable, and secure, allowing users to leverage its infrastructure for deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity.

By taking inspiration from successful DEXes such as Camelot and GMX, eZKalibur has developed a dual-token model to ensure the long-term success of the protocol. The launchpad will be capable of launching various projects, from DeFi to DAOs, with innovative features that benefit investors more than developers.

The roadmap for eZKalibur consists of three main phases:

  1. Phase 1: Proof of concept and MVP design.
  2. Phase 2: Product development and mainstream adoption, including the official launch of $SWORD.
  3. Phase 3: Expansion, with a focus on extending services to other L2s and becoming a multichain ecosystem.

The platform’s native token, $SWORD, will play a significant role in the ecosystem, as it can be earned as yield rewards on various staking positions. Its escrowed counterpart, xSWORD, will ensure most emissions require vesting to become liquid, aligning LPs with the long-term objectives of the protocol and containing short-term selling pressure.

The eZKalibur ecosystem will collect various fees, including trading fees from the DEX and raised funds from the launchpad. A portion of these earnings will be used to buy-back and burn $SWORD, reducing its total supply.

For the Airdrop: To grow your chances of participating in the airdrop, complete tasks on Crew3 and join the eZKalibur Discord community. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking platform in its early stages.

Crew3 link: Discord:

Stay tuned for more updates on eZKalibur’s progress, and join the Kingdom in building a more accessible and secure future for DeFi.

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Airdrop Season
Airdrop Season

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