Airdrop: Permission

Airdrop: Permission

By RhizenCrypt | Airdrops! | 29 Aug 2020

Tech giants have been accused of violating the privacy of its user. They collected much data from the user, including personal information, and they sold it to an advertising company for profit. Fortunately, there are some steps to minimize this collection of data, but it is just a band-aid to a problem. What most people want is freedom! According to Permission's whitepaper, they are trying to deal with this kind of problem by building a totally decentralized Permission Economy with the help of Permission Coin (ASK).

Permission is airdropping 100 ASK to new users on their platform!

How to join? 

  • Create an account.
  • Verify your email

How to earn ASK?

  • Referring other people.
  • Shop and Earn - there is a store on the platform wherein you can earn ASK by watching the ads of a certain shop. Also, you can earn by purchasing an item in the shop.

For withdrawing of ASK coins, you may read this Medium post.


For more airdrops, you can join this Telegram Channel.

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One way to get exposed to cryptocurrency is by getting some coins and try out what it can do. You can earn free coins by joining an AIRDROP - giving out coins to people just by completing some tasks. This is good try out their project and get a grasp of it to know if it suit your needs.

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