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1Step is a DEX aggregator with the best liquidity and price. 1Step integrates a large number of DEXs and covers all cryptocurrencies on mainstream decentralized exchanges, providing the optimum swap routes and the best swap ratio to users. There are no handling fees charged on 1Step. Zero commission! 1Setp empowers Takers by referral rewards and trading & mining. Takers are not the traditionally “Taker”, they can be the diligent Miners. Medium and small investors can engage in DeFi and become a part of the DeFi ecosystem, instead of being the outsiders limited by the high threshold of DeFi.
Come to 1Step, everyone can be the DeFier! Currently, DeFi is a feast that belongs to Whales and Makers. Whales can stake a vast of tokens and participate in different liquidity mining without potential risks. Those pools with high APY/APR guarantee substantial profits to Makers. While for most medium and small investors, the expensive Gas price makes them flinch to join the DeFi party. Furthermore, many Takers suffer from massive losses due to the fierce fluctuation of markets caused by the project’s contract bug. Is this the DeFi we are looking forward to? I think the answer is NO for most users. Therefore, 1Step decides to take a small step and make some changes to our decentralized world. If you are a Taker and have been jealous of the Makers who can earn commissions and mining & liquidity rewards. If you think this is unfair and somehow discontented with this kind of situation, then come to 1Setp! On 1Step, you can not only enjoy a better trading experience but also earn extra 'Step' token rewards. There is no fish trading on 1Step, a totally pure and reliable trading platform. If you are medium or small traders who can’t afford high Gas fees, just come to 1Step on which you can get rid of Gas trouble! You can create an exclusive invitation link that you can share with your friends. You can get substantial Step rewards by referrals.  
1Setp will launch the governance token "Step". Token holders can engage in governance, decision making, and the future development of the platform by token votes.
The total supply of 20M is distributed as such: Mining (14M)
Daily release 100 thousand, halving every 20 days. After halved twice, daily release remains 25 thousand, halving stopped. "Step" token allocation. According to the weight of personal trading volume and total trading volume. The calculation of personal trading volume will involve the referral program. The inviter gets 40% trading volume of the first-tier referrals and the 10% trading volume of the second-tier referrals.
Team & Investors (3M): 2M to team members, locked for 3 months and then unlocking 10% every month. 1M to investors, locked for 1 month and then unlocking 25% every month.
Community Development Pool (3M): For referral rewards and liquidity rewards.
Referral rewards: Daily distribution limit 10000 “Step”, lasting for 20 days. The inviter can get 1 “Step” by referral. For example, user A invites user B, A gets 1 “Step”. Daily reward claim limit is 20 “Step”. Tokens gained by referral rewards can not be withdrawn until locked for 15 days after mining launched. Any gaming or cheating behaviors found in this process, the referral rewards would be canceled.
Liquidity rewards: Deposit “Step” into Uniswap pools to add liquidity. You can get extra rewards with liquidity provider proof.
That’s one step for [1Step], but it can be one giant leap for Decentralized World. Join us, let’s Change the Decentralized World.


Technology is making people freer, but it's also making social organizations learger. For the first time, anthropology is being introduced to decentralized finance.

Open Finance

1STEP provides earning, borrowing, liquidity mining and other services, to make DeFi become the mainstream mode of finance.

Open Source

Open source is required for a sustainable running project. 1STEP would be fully open-sourced. About Us Customer Service


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Crypto Airdrops and Bounties

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