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Hydra is digital money that allows people to pay, transfer, and invest; a cryptocurrency that helps members of ZoloUs to move value. ZoloUs is a community of friends who desire to live in a harmonious world based on the principle of sustainability; our mission is to bring people, nature, and science together to build a utopian community.


1. Introduction

Nowadays, we live in a world where people and the environment suffer daily because of multiple causes brought about by an outdated system. We acknowledge and understand the actual problems, and as a response to these, we would like hope to implement a sustainable process of building a utopian community while balancing the impacts of today’s decisions with the needs of future generations (MPCA, 2020).

What do we mean by a utopian community? In our vision, a utopian community is made up of happy people, a healthy environment, a prosperous economy and a vibrant civic life.

To make this vision a reality, we rely on the desire of people, the power of nature, and the brilliance of science. In other words, our main goal is to offer sustainable growth for people and the environment.


2. Hydra ​(HDA)

Hydra is digital money for the first achievable worldwide utopian community. It is based on blockchain, which is ​a foundational technology that can transform social and economic interactions and transactions across multiple sectors such as health care and financial services. Nowadays, blockchain is being adopted more and more by startups and major corporations (Suominen & Chatzky & Reinsch & Robison, 2018). Moreover, Hydra is an ERC20 token, which is a digital asset secure, fast, and anonymous; that aids our community members to pay, transfer, and invest value.

Hydra was created on the 14th of May 2020 with 21,000,000,000,000 Hydra (HDA) total supply. Each day, the total supply is increasing by 5%. This daily increase allows us to have a scalable and competitive economy. It is also important to mention that the new total supply will be announced 30 days beforehand, adding the new Hydra (HDA) created.

The repartition of the digital currency Hydra (HDA) is at 76% towards the ZoloUs community and 24% towards the founders.


3. People Support

One of our main goals is to encourage ZoloUs members to find their true passion. Because we know that having an active and balanced day is the key to a healthy and happy life, our members benefit from ZoloUs Universal Basic Income by receiving 380 Hydra (HDA) daily.

In this way, ZoloUs members have money to spend with family and friends as well as time to explore and discover new experiences.


4. Collaborative Network Ecosystem

The process of creation and implementation of our sustainable projects requires people with diverse visions and areas of expertise. Therefore, ​our global network is based either on people with great results, or people with desire and implication. A​mid all these, we encourage ZoloUs members to adopt an open mindset to continuously develop new projects ​since innovation is a key driver for economic growth (Pike & Roos, 2007).

In short, ZoloUs fosters multi-stakeholder collaboration and citizen participation.


5. Value Based Impact

ZoloUs members are certified depending on their impact on the community. In other words, the value generated by people's impact is based on their positive contribution to the world. To certify ZoloUs members, we use a simple method which helps to maximize ​the ability to collect and analyze information and intelligence (A. McCarthy & A. Rivera & DeSimone, 2018).

Members of ZoloUs community will be rewarded based on their positive contribution to the world.


6. Sustainable Development Projects

ZoloUs’s core value is based on the principle of sustainability. It is simply defined as meeting and satisfying our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland Commission, 1987).

Given the current major global challenges such as pollution and outdated and inefficient education and health systems, we believe that the communities from all over the world need to implement sustainable and effective solutions as soon as possible to improve the health of communities and improve the quality of life. Also, ZoloUs members will acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

Therefore, one of ZoloUs’s mission is to help stakeholders make a clear framework that will allow them to anticipate future market opportunities and shift investments to low-carbon sectors and technologies (Climate Strategies, 2019).

More specifically, people, companies, and organisations from all over the world can receive funds and support from ZoloUs to implement their sustainable oriented projects.


7. Conclusion

ZoloUs is simply a community of friends who aspire to live in a harmonious world based on the principle of sustainability.

Together with the desire of people, power of nature, and the brilliance of science, we can make it happen!
It is in our hands to make a difference, let’s do it!



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