Into the Reef (A glance to Reef Finance)

Into the Reef (A glance to Reef Finance)

By Aircatchdroper | Aircatchdroper | 25 Nov 2020

Are you having troubles with decentralized exchanges (DEXes), the minimal liquidity and the difficulty of using? The prone to breaches centralized exchanges (CEXes), forcing daily traders to struggle and manually stitch up the most profitable transacion pathways? Let me introduce to you the first cross-chain defi operating system powered by Polkadot - - Reef Finance! 


Reef Finance gives solution to minimal liquidity of DEXes since, Reef is a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine that enables trading with access to liquidity from both CEXes and DEXes. How? Well, Reef offers them smart lending, borrowing, staking and mining. It also provides high security model (which CEXes lacks of) that it inherits from Polkadot. What does it mean? It means it gets to be highly resilient and can do forkless upgrades while still being able to maintain stable on chain governance. 


Do you wanna know more? Dive into the deep! And take a look at this amazing polyps turning to reeeeefs! 

What do you waiting for? Check this out! 😁😎🤗


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Announcement Telegram:






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