YellowCard: The best Crypto-to-Cash(fiat) platform for Africa

By Batinium | African Crypto Hustler | 20 Apr 2021

Investing in cryptocurrencies has been one of the challenging ventures in Africa largely due to inefficiencies in depositing and withdrawing your investments. This was accompanied by scammers who got away with many people's money and this created a believe that Bitcoin and all other altcoins are just scams. However, over the years due to improvement on technology and successful stories of fellow Africans, we have managed to also test the waters. Some have still been scammed while some prospered but later could not find ways to withdraw their profits or at least utilize their cryptos in our home countries. The evolution of crypto to fiat exchange platforms targeting the African market came as a rescue especially with the withdrawal of profits and also the education towards crypto investments. So one of the crypto fiat exchange doing a good job is YellowCard.

What is YellowCard?

YellowCard is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy or sell crypto coins using your own local currency. For example; Those in Nigeria get use their Naira While me here in Botswana use Pula (BWP). The main cryptocurrencies supported by YellowCard are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Theta (USDT). The other thing about YellowCard is that transactions are instant because you buy or sell online or you can approach a Yellowcard vendor and instantly buy and withdraw profits you made in other exchanges which is difficult to cash from. YellowCard offers its clients a wallet where one can store their cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.  At the time of writing this, YellowCard operates in 9 African countries and in America. The African countries include Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon.


Why I like YellowCard?

Apart from the fact that YellowCard allows me to trade in my local currency, I like the fact that they have an office my country where I can visit and enquire anytime I need help. Having used it for a couple of time to withdraw my profits from Binance, I have come to find that they are trustworthy, safe and secure and above all, easy to use. Their customer service is also very good. I remember the first time I used it to withdraw, they said my funds will report in my bank in 3 business days and indeed that was honored and they sent an email to confirm. Now yesterday, I was absolutely mesmerized when my withdrawal took only 24 hours, coupled with a call and email to confirm if I received my funds. That's top notch service delivery and customer service that satisfies clients. 

To join YellowCard and start buying and selling cryptocurrencies in stress-free manner, click here the link below: 

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