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Ideaology (IDEA) Token Public sale: 26 January 2021

By Batinium | African Crypto Hustler | 25 Jan 2021

Ideaology is startup crypto-company that uses blockchain technology to make a great digital business playground of the future where digital entrepreneurship is revolutionized. Founded and co-founded by Khaled Alkalbani and Amar Kovacevic, the company houses talented and goal driven entrepreneurs, freelancers and skilled developers to solve the same problems they faced by leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology to bring about the Ideology ecosystem.


To become successful, Ideaology combines three elements; Blockchain technology, Block chain Launchpad and Ideaology project funding which ultimately resulted in the birth of IDEA tokens. The Ideaology (IDEA) token is an ERC-20 hybrid/payment token with a total token supply of 500 000 000 IDEA. Therefore, in collaboration with Exchange, Ideaology will hold a public sale of 11 111 112 IDEA on the 26th of January 2021.

Public Sale details

 Start date and time: 26 – 01 – 2021: 10:00 UTC

End date and time: 05 – 02 – 2021: 10:00 UTC

Token price: 0.09 USDT

Token sale supply: 11 111 112

Place/platform of sale: Exchange only

Minimum tokens to buy: 1 IDEA

Maximum tokens to buy: Unlimited

Requirements to buy IDEA

  1. Open an account with Exchange
  2. Complete the KYC requirements
  3. Deposit amount you want in BTC/USDT etc.
  4. Buy IDEA and wait to receive them after


References and More information

  1. Ideology whitepaper:
  2. Content and images @  


                               Do not let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by, buy IDEA and let the future be bright!

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