CEX.IO: The best crypto-platform of all time

CEX.IO: The best crypto-platform of all time

By Batinium | African Crypto Hustler | 27 Nov 2021

Investing in cryptocurrencies has gained momentum across the world and in African countries like Botswana. This has been necessitated in part by the free education on cryptocurrencies and to some part by the evolution of trustworthy, reliable and easy to use crypto-platforms. One of such platforms is CEX.IO which is one of the leading cryptocurrency ecosystems and Bitcoin trading platforms. CEX.IO offers a number of services such as:


  • Buying and selling of cryptos
  • Exchange of cryptos for fiat currencies
  • Storage
  • Earning by staking and savings
  • Margin Trading
  • Crypto backed loan


What makes CEX.IO the best?

Direct card deposit – CEX.IO allows for direct deposit from your bank card. It supports both VISA and Mastercard hence making it easy to deposit or buy your preferred cryptos in less than a minute.



Direct card withdrawals – CEX.IO is one of the few platforms that allows for direct credit of withdrawals from the platform. To withdraw, one has to convert their crypto coins/tokens in fiat currencies and then send directly to their bank card. This reduces charges incurred when sending your cryptos from one wallet to another so as to find the one that allows for cash withdrawals.



Earning by staking – CEX.IO allows for cryptocurrency tokens that uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms to be staked automatically and allowing the user to earn great rewards. The coins are staked in a flexible manner such that they can be used, traded or withdrawn anytime.



Affiliate marketing – CEO.IO allows you to get 30% commission on all transactions of the users you referred and signed using your referral code. They also provide materials such as banners and landing pages which allows you to market your referral code is a professional manner.



Trading competitions and other opportunities - CEX.IO often runs competitions like trading or 5% cashback when depositing. All this allows users to earn more in their investments.


While there are other platforms providing such services and many more others, CEX.IO’s consistence, easy to use and easy to withdraw cash, allows it to remain one of the best for African countries like Botswana where the use of advanced technologies is still lagging behind.

To join CEX.IO, Click HERE and start making money the easy way!


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