BNB rise to the moon again! Is it April fool?

By Batinium | African Crypto Hustler | 2 Apr 2021

The past 24 hours has seen a bullish trend for Bitcoin and most of the altcoins rallied behind. Bitcoin rose to 60,134.96 USD nearing its all time high of 61,810.70 USD. Rallying behind Bitcoin was Ethereum with about a 5% growth in the past 24 hours to reach 2008.65 USD which is also close the ATM of 2040.40 USD attained in February 2021. 

My favorite coin, the mighty Binance coin (BNB) was also in high spirits as it rallied to the moon and breaking its February ATM of 347.8899 USD. This means the new ATM of BNB is currently 356.00 USD and at the time of writing (08:00 hrs GMT +2), BNB was trading at 353.00 USD, a 15.64% growth in the past 24 hours. Is the rise an April fool joke? Definitely not!


Ways of earning and growing BNB portfolio?

One of the reasons I like BNB is the multiple options of growing your BNB portfolio on Binance. You can grow your BNBs using the following options:

  • BNB Staking

Under the Binance option, You find the staking option which allows you to hodl your BNB and get rewarded in BNB up to 19.79% APY. The locked staking runs for 30, 60 and 90 days with varying APYs.

  • BNB Vault

Under this option, you hodl your BNB and get rewarded in new altcoins and the APY is not fixed. This option is flexible, so you can withdraw any time. So how do you grow your BNB here? Well, once rewarded with those new altcoins, you convert them to BNB and take it back to BNB vault thus growing your BNB potential.

  • Launchpool

Here Binance lists new coins in the market and subscribe a certain amount of your BNBs and mine those new coins for a certain period. The option is also flexible and just like BNB vault, you can convert your new coins to BNB.  

However, it is not compulsory to convert the new coins to BNB. You can keep to diversify your crypto investment portfolio. Either way is a gain!


 So join Binance now (click here) and enjoy the benefits!

And lets see what April has in store for us!

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