Up to 17.8% APR for Users in AEX Global 3-year Anniversary

By AEX | AEX | 23 May 2022

AEX Global 3-year Anniversary offers more bonuses! The AEX Finance enjoys high popularity in the industry due to its high APR and becomes the first choice of many whales and teams to earn with stablecoins. On May 18, 2022, AEX Global raised its interest for the second time and provides subsidies for users around the globe. Both new and regular users of AEX Finance can receive an interest-raise subsidy with an APR of up to 17.8%.

The regular users clicking [AEX Global]-[DeFi Pool] to join BTC/ETH/USDC/USDT mining can receive an interest raise of 3.3%. The investment amount is unlimited. More to the point, users can receive an extra interest raise of 1%, enjoying an APR of up to 17.8% if investing more than 100,000 USDT. The more you invest, the more you will earn!


Event Link:https://www.aex.com/page/financial-activity.html#/

Event time: 2022/05/18, 07:00-2022/05/25, 07:00 (UTC)

At the time of the 3-year anniversary of AEX Global, increasing numbers of users participate in our celebration and in order to appreciate our users’ trust in AEX Finance, AEX decides to use part of its profits as a reward for users to share in this event.

Many hot coins and stablecoins can be staked in DeFi Pool to earn income and the most profitable are BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT. At the same time, DeFi Pool provides flexible staking and redemption and guarantees 100% of users' principal. Users can obtain earnings under low risks.

Except for DeFi Pool, AEX includes Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, Staking, Dual Investment, ASwap, Loan and Instalment. The numbers of available coin types and the ROE of AEX derivatives are ranking the top; users are served by various ways of earning revenue in multiple conditions.

This May, AEX Global proposed a vision of becoming an international “digital life service provider”, and made a three-year plan for this vision that is to build an information hub, a value exchange hub, and a financial service hub in three years, aiming to provide 1 billion users with a diversified digital assets management service which is safe, completed and easy to use. In the coming three years, AEX will speed up the construction of its global digital financial ecosystem and launch more financial products which have better performance in safety, stability, convenience and diversity. There will be more benefits with high APR. Stay tuned!

About AEX Global

Founded in 2013, AEX, a cryptocurrency finance exchange, is committing to providing billions of people with safe, complete, easy, and diversified digital finance management services. The closer you look, the further you see. AEX offers a wide range of scenarios covering many fields, including Fiat, Spot, Finance, Loan, and Mining. In AEX Earn, there are Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi, Staking, and Dual Investment to meet users' demands. AEX Earn is leading the world in coin type and APR, providing users with rich earning channels.

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AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013


AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013

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