AEX Global 3-year Anniversary, Stablecoins mining to earn Doge coin

By AEX | AEX | 12 May 2022

As a thanks to our users, AEX will be running four promotions to mark the 3rd anniversary of AEX Global finance. Follow the step: ASwap - Activity Pool - USDT80%-USDC20% to participate in DOGE genesis mining, with a genesis APR of over 600%. More mysterious benefits are waiting for you.

What is the ASwap Stable Pool?

The liquidity pool includes two stable coins with a high APR, and you do not have to worry about losses due to volatility as these two tokens are stable coins. The instant subscription and redemption model helps you to activate the assets and achieve asset growth and asset turnover.

What can Stable Pool offer?

  1. Click on the USDT80%-USDC20% pool to participate in DOGE genesis mining and grab a genesis APR of over 600%. Link: ;
  2. Users have flexible access to their digital assets and quickly receive interest to withdraw or reinvest as they see fit;
  3. Low barrier to enter liquidity mining; no gas fees and no volatile loss.

Advantages of ASwap:

High asset security with 0 incidents

AEX has been running safely for 9 years since it was established in 2013. To date, there has been neither a theft nor a security incident, proving that AEX deserves your trust.

Above average APR

ASwap offers several liquidity pools with a APR that is higher than the industry average and where users enjoy 0 gas charges and a quick receipt of interest. The stable pool includes two stablecoins, and users who have large digital assets can even enjoy an interest rate increase (up to 2%).

APR Comparison


Activity time: 11 May, 7:00 - 31 May, 7:00(UTC).

If this interests you, sign up quickly because APR fluctuates with TVL. In addition, if you successfully refer your friends to join ASwap, you will receive 2% of your friends' earnings as a refund. At the same time, you can earn a reward of up to $10,000 for inviting friends to participate in AEX's third anniversary activities.

More Guidance:

How to start ASwap Liquidity Mining?

ASwap beginners guidance:

Click to join the Genesis Mining activity :

More Benefits and Rules

1. Up to 1000USDT Prize Draw for New Users

This is only for the newly registered users. New users need to click ASwap to join the prize draw within 15 days after successful registration, otherwise it will be deemed as a waiver.


2. Rules of Reference

Another way to sign up for Aswap and benefit from more advantages is to refer your friends and family members. You can get up to 30% rebate if you refer at least one newly registered user.


About AEX Global

AEX, a cryptocurrency financial exchange founded in 2013, is dedicated to providing secure, complete, simple, and diversified digital financial management to billions of people. The closer you look, the further you see. AEX offers a wide range of scenarios covering many areas including Fiat, Spot, Finance, Loan and Mining. In AEX Earn, there are Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi, Staking, and Dual Investment to meet users' needs. AEX Earn is the world leader in the type of coins and APR, offering its users a variety of earning opportunities.

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AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013


AEX is a global digital asset integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and #BTC #ETH #GAT currency trading, since 2013

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