Aergo has been listed on Binance DEX

By aergoknights | Aergo Knights Blog | 9 Aug 2019


On August 7, 2019.. we are happy to announce Aergo's official listing on Binance DEX


Just a week into making our proposal public to the Binance Chain forum, we received great engagement from both the Aergo community and the Binance Chain community. Our proposal saw a grand 3500 read-throughs, 92 upvotes, and 91 positive comments encouraging approval for listing Aergo on Binance DEX.

As a result of our community’s great engagement, our on-chain proposal garnered a total of 11 ‘Yes’ votes from the validators on the Binance Chain. Outstandingly, 100% of the votes put forth in deciding on Aergo’s listing were ‘Yes’. Meaning, there were no votes to abstain or block off the listing! You can see the results of the listing on the Binance Dex Explorer here.

We’d like to give a huge thank-you to the Binance Chain validators for their belief in our project and our vision, by accepting our application and exposing the Aergo ecosystem to one of the most important liquidity blockchain ecosystems. We plan to carve ahead and bring more large-scale enterprise customers into our ecosystem utilizing Aergo for all kinds of industrial use cases like supply chain, identity, storage, data sharing, and more.



The listing has already taken place. You can find the Aergo/BNB market here.

Before you trade, you’ll need to swap your Aergo ERC-20 tokens for Aergo BEP2 tokens. You can do this easily using our swap service available on Be sure to follow all of the instructions laid out in this article closely before moving forward.


If you’re confused about the Aergo token model, which is at this point a triple token mechanism consisting of ERC-20, native, and BEP2 token types, be sure to read our last blog post detailing it all.


More than a DEX

Something most people may not be aware of right now is that we are seeing a powershift of liquidity as more assets move towards the Binance Chain ecosystem. We detailed in our last blog post just how transformative we think the Binance Chain movement will be and how adding support for the Binance Chain to Aergo could be a powerful move in shaping our vision of enterprise-scale blockchain adoption. Our aim has been to make sure we continue to provide the best liquidity for our token holders, so we were more than thrilled to hear the news of our Binance DEX proposal being accepted.

We have seen many great blockchain projects choose to take the same path and list on Binance DEX in the last few months. This shows the strength of the ecosystem with so many talented and active projects also offering support to Binance Chain.

Binance Chain is more than just a DEX and its nascent ecosystem will only develop in the coming months and years as more projects choose to launch BEP2 tokens. We are glad to join this ecosystem early in its life and want to help contribute to its success alongside our own early-stage Aergo ecosystem.


Pledging Our Support

Now we are live on Binance Chain we will continue to pledge our support for the ecosystem, other projects and contribute where we can.

We have been discussing this internally for a while now and have some exciting things in the works to help the adoption of Binance Chain through the rest of 2019. Watch this space.


A Call to Teams

If you are also part of the Binance Chain ecosystem or are thinking of joining, we would love to hear from you and you can reach us through our Telegram group where our community team will be happy to refer you to the appropriate contacts.

Working together is faster than working alone. Let’s keep building the decentralized future together!


Aergo Team

Aergo is an enterprise-ready blockchain operating platform that leverages and extends both public and private blockchain, and cloud architectures. Aergo’s flexible and familiar architecture allows businesses to build and deploy practical decentralized applications and enterprise-IT solutions in any industry on a high-performance hybrid blockchain combined with a full-stack serverless computing platform while managing services and business upon different protocols. The Aergo platform is built and utilized by Blocko, the Samsung-backed South Korean blockchain technology company that has deployed production blockchain solutions for large-scale clients including Lotte Card, Shinhan Bank, Korea Exchange, Hyundai Motors, and more.

About Binance Chain and Binance DEX

Binance Chain is a high-performance blockchain software system developed by Binance and its community. Binance DEX is the decentralized exchange feature developed on top of the Binance Chain blockchain, setting a new cryptocurrency trading standard for fast and secure peer-to-peer trading.

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Aergo Knights Blog
Aergo Knights Blog

Aergo is an enterprise-ready blockchain operating platform that leverages and extends both public and private blockchain, and cloud architectures. We are the Knights of Aergo.

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