aelf’s First BingoGame Public Testing in 2020!

By aelf_blockchain | aelf Blockchain | 8 Jul 2020

Not long ago, aelf’s AEUSD stablecoin became available on the Iris Testnet, and the BingoGame Demo was based on it. The 1st trial held in Saelf governed community is complete! With further preparation, the 2nd BingoGame Demo trial will be open for all aelf users on 8th July.

The Bingo Game Demo is one application for the blockchain random number technology introduced by aelf. Compared with traditional betting games, BingoGame has significant innovations in data connections and is played online with a random number blockchain system. It provides users with an interactive and entertaining experience. The Bingo Game is a blockchain-based betting minigame. Users bet any token amount according to pre-specified rules, and a random winning number will be generated on the blockchain awarding prizes to any user that has it selected. If you are interested in the Bingogame, please join us! There are only 40 places available for IOS on a first-come, first-served basis (Due to the limited number of UDID). Android is unlimited.

Event Period (GMT+8):

8th July 2020 20:00:00–15th July 2020 12:00:00

Game Rules

The BingoGame uses blockchain smart contracts to take data fragments generated by participants’ bets as a seed number, calculated together with the block height that corresponds to the transaction hash — it then generates a random number between 0 and 255. The interface displays three groups: Big, Medium, and Small. 0–126 fall within the small group, 127 and 128 fall within the medium group, and 129–255 fall within the large group.


  1. Players can select a big or small group.
  2. If the drawn number falls within your selected group, you can double your bet. If the drawn number falls outside of your selected group, you will lose your bet. When the drawn number falls within the ‘medium’ group, the contract wins and all users lose their bet.
  3. No more than 30 bets may be placed at one time.


  1. Player selects the big or small group, and places their bet amount AEUSD (bet amount minimum value is 0.001).
  2. After 30s and the winning number will be drawn automatically
  3. Players can view the most recent 50 bets from the “My BET” section.

Participation Requirements

  • Open to all users
  • Support for IOS / Android
  • There are only 40 places available for IOS on a first-come, first-served basis (Due to the limited number of UDID). Android is unlimited.


  • 1st: 688 ELF
  • 2nd: 288 ELF
  • 3rd: 188 ELF
  • 4th: 88 ELF
  • 5th: 66 ELF

Each participant will receive 1000 AEUSD test stablecoins, and the top 5 players with the most AEUSD during the bingogame trial will receive this prize. The ranking will be sorted by the total amount of AEUSD in the user’s personal account, whoever exceeds the initial amount will have the opportunity to enter this ranking. The final balance of the account will be the basis for the award evaluation. If someone transfers AEUSD privately, he/she will be disqualified.

2. Lucky block Award

  • 28 ELF — 88 ELF * 18

Every time you bet, you get a transaction record. You can use your personal account address to search for transaction information in the aelf testnet block explorer. You can find the corresponding block height from each trade information, if the corresponding block height tail number is 88, 888, 8888, then congratulations, you are the winner.


3. Divide the Prize Pool

When the activity starts, there will be 55,000 AEUSD in the prize pool. If all participants ran out of AEUSD in the prize pool before the trial deadline (the balance is 0), they will share the 5000 ELF prize.

  • Prizes for each person = 5000 ELF / Number of participants.
  • If this award is triggered before the deadline, the award will be distributed within 2 working days after the end of the event.


  • 52 ELF — 388 ELF

Users must submit the feedback form before the deadline. The awarded amount is assessed by the aelf team based on the quality of the feedback.

Note: Whether you will be rewarded will be based on the order in which you submit the registration form. Limited places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The winners must submit the following form before July 15 (including account address and the proof of winning block height tail number). If you have any questions or suggestions, please also submit the feedback to let us know.

Submit your Lucky Block Height + Feedback here

How to collect the prizes

  1. For WeChat users:zhizunxiaobao617(aelf小仙女)
  2. For Telegram users:Itsu Ace(@Itsu_Ace)


Complete the following 2 steps to start your journey:

  1. Download the BingoGame Demo

IOS download


If you have previously submitted their UDID can log in directly using the QR code and account management demo password.

If you have NEVER submitted their UDID, click the link below to get the UDID and fill out the form. (You will not be able to download and install the bingo game demo before the team have configured your UDID.)

Android download: (Android users can download the Bingo game demo without submitting a UDID)

2. Collect AEUSD Test stablecoin, and start your journey

Submit your BingoGame account address, We will send you aelf test stablecoins (AEUSD, 1000 AEUSD / person). Users who have participated in the 1st trial will need to re-register and submit a new address.

Note: If you have a Telegram account, please join in aelf testing group

aelf encourages everyone to participate in public testing of BingoGame Demo AEUSD and hopes that users can gain a deeper understanding of aelf new test stablecoin AEUSD utilization. We appreciate any suggestions or feedback!

Click here to check out the guideline

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