Will You Solve the Manna Puzzle Alone or Work With A Team? One Million Manna is available in prizes!

Will You Solve the Manna Puzzle Alone or Work With A Team? One Million Manna is available in prizes!

By aejackson | A.E. Jackson | 19 Mar 2019


Reddit User u/Katie7286 provided details in the r/MannaCurrency subreddit about a very lucrative contest underway.

It seems there is One million Manna total in prizes available. Are you able to solve the puzzle associated with the prize?

On Friday, March 15, 2019 at 3:00 PM (Eastern), Manna Currency (@mannacurrency) sent out an announcement email which included information about the Manna Puzzle.

In March, Manna Currency is celebrating their first anniversary. The launch of their core features - including user signup and verification, automated Manna basic income distributions, and web-based wallets for user-friendly transactions - happened around this time in 2018.

Now entering it’s second year of development, the team is focusing on building a more robust set of features to turn the platform into a full-fledged social network.

There is One Million Manna in total prizes available for anyone able to solve the puzzle.

Here’s how the prizes breakdown:
4 x 20,000 Manna
3 x 80,000 Manna
2 x 180,000 Manna
1 x 320,000 Manna

There is a Reddit thread setup as a place for discussion about possible puzzle solutions. Manna Currency is monitoring the thread and will send Manna to anyone who posts a correct solution!

At the time of this post only a few Redditors had submitted no more than 20 comments, questions, and one incorrect solution.

The Manna Prize Puzzle was inspired by the artist who hid thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in works of art. Mannabase lead developer Matthew Lohbihler set out to create a puzzle where various amounts of Manna are hidden within the image. He is giving away multiple prizes which will total one million Manna, for those who can solve this puzzle.

You can assemble a team and get to work. This is a very new challenge. The field of competition is still thin.

View the One Million Manna Puzzle online at https://mannabase.com/030B04010A01020C03020806030902010D0F030804010C0102240701080502460D.html 

Study the puzzle closely. Try to see if you can figure it out on your own. Or grab a few friends and crack the code together.

You should be sure to post your answers in the official Reddit thread at https://www.reddit.com/r/MannaCurrency/comments/b1ie0w/can_you_solve_the_manna_puzzle_one_million_manna/ 

You’ll find a discussion about the million Manna puzzle there too.

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