Introducing A.E. Jackson - Transmedia Storyteller and Direct Marketing Expert

Introducing A.E. Jackson - Transmedia Storyteller and Direct Marketing Expert

By aejackson | A.E. Jackson | 19 Mar 2019

Greetings Publish0x Members! Your community looks great - vibrant, growing, and engaged. I am excited to begin participating, contributing, and discovering more about all of you. This is my introduction post - pleased to meet you - I am A.E. Jackson (@aejackson)... here's a bit about me...


(To be clear... I am an aspiring pilot! This photo was taken of me as part of a familiarization flight with the US Air Force Thunderbird F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration team. And... to be clear... I sustained a maximum of 9.2 Gs, and was allowed to take the stick and fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon!)

A.E. Jackson is a "GECO". Gregarious, Encouraging, Creative, and Outgoing individual. It is these personal strengths which serve him so well as a transmedia storyteller and direct marketing expert. You should think of A.E. Jackson for relationship marketing, business growth, and idea cultivation! Find A.E. Jackson online at

From a young age A.E. Jackson dreamed of being a published author. His first self published work, Realms of Adventures, is a collection of exciting blogs. Readers can enjoy following the bold adventures experienced by the author and his gaming groups. The original Play-By-Post game "Realms of Adventures" has expanded into a collection of serial stories encompassing a wide range of genres. Each series is played and experienced by players from around the world! Find Realms of Adventures online at

Currently, A.E. Jackson is the Director of Marketing and Analytics at The Bridge, a Christian Radio Station that is Connecting and Strengthening Delmarva (USA). It is his responsibility to expand the reach of the ministry into the digital realm! Everything from social media, email marketing, and text messages - to website management, digital video, and exploration of new technologies. The 'work' is a ton of fun - and he is thankful to be able to use his talents and passions to serve God - and his community - in this unique way. Find The Bridge online at

A.E. Jackson founded and operated Poor Irishman Internet Marketing for over six years. He offered a wide range of internet marketing services including: website creation & management, content marketing, search engine optimization, pay-for-performance marketing, and social media marketing. In 2010, A.E. Jackson took a position with Dover Downs Hotel & Casino as a Marketing Database Analyst for a brief time. When the opportunity arose he left that position to start working with the exceptional team at The Bridge!

Originally from Delaware (born & raised) A.E. Jackson attended college in West Virginia, and then moved to Wyoming. After a short stint in Seattle, Washington ... he headed back home. On arriving home, he started a business, and got married. The couple's first baby was a girl born in December 2009. And wow - what a blessing! In December 2013 a baby boy arrived. He was born at home, and A.E. Jackson delivered the newborn!

Together, with his wife Jessica, A.E. Jackson and his family enjoy leading Financial Peace University classes in their region - guiding others toward debt freedom, good stewardship and wealth building. They encourage others to live enriched, healthy lifestyles drawn from personal experience and generations of wisdom passed down through their family.

About the A.E. Jackson Publish0x Blog:
A.E. Jackson's Publish0x Blog will host short stories, interactive fiction, and informative articles.

The Freewrite House (@freewritehouse) on Steemit has been a great source of inspiration to A.E. Jackson. Most of the recent short stories published on his Steemit Blog are a result of prompts from the Daily 5-Minute Freewrite. Along with this source of prompts, A.E. Jackson participates in a writing group that swaps stories with one another. Short story prompts include a Genre, a Subject, and a Character. The submitted work should be between 750 min - 3,500 max words, and are due by Midnight on Tuesdays. And everyone in the group will get a copy of each other's short story to critique. New prompts arrive by each week! Some of those short stories are already posted, and more will follow.

Some of the first book A.E. Jackson read were from the Choose Your Own Adventure series. If you are not familiar with these small children's books, they allow the reader to become the main character. Beyond that, the plot of the story changes based on decisions by the reader. There can be many possible endings - but they may only be discovered by the reader making choices. At this point in the exploration of Interactive Fiction, A.E. Jackson has rekindled the desire to write a story, he's received the gift of knowledge to guide the way, and tools to build, and the openness of a friendly community to encourage and provide a plethora of published examples. He plans to promote the growth and exploration of the child-author to discover what he has to offer the world!

You will find well researched articles which relate to the Publish0x Blogging Platform and are intended to benefit writers exploring Publish0x, as well as Whaleshare Members exploring the craft of writing. Becuase A.E. Jackson is a new author - still learning the craft, community, and industry - he often reads helpful guides or how-to books, and attends conferences or webinars to hone his skills. Gleaning what he can from these resources, A.E. Jackson is eager to help other budding authors looking for answers.

How A.E. Jackson Adds Value to the Publish0x Platform:
The greatest value A.E. Jackson plans to add is helping to foster and build an encouraging community! On the Steemit platform he is involved with Steem Basic Income (@steembasicincome) which is a great resource that he enrolls other Steemians, and further funds that initiative. Also on Steemit, communities like Freewrite House (@freewritehouse), PowerHouseCreatives (@jaynie), and The Writer's Block (@thewritersblock) are all great groups and A.E. Jackson is doing more to help see them grow and thrive. Groups like (@utopian-io) are essential to expanding the Steemit Platform and encouraging developers to push the envelope of what is possible - and A.E. Jackson plans to further fund many of those new projects. As these types of ventures become know to him in the Publish0x platform - A.E. Jackson looks forward to taking an active role to see them prosper.

A.E. Jackson plans to add value to the Publish0x Platform in three other ways as well. First, to invest in Publish0x. When possible, he plans to support the cryptocurrency by purchasing more WhaleShare tokens from the marketplace. Second, he is active in recruiting creatives from his own network, and reaching into new groups of people to introduce, invite, and educate them on the Publish0x Platform. Third, the majority of A.E. Jackson's posts will be set to 100% Power Up - which will keep more Steem in the Publish0x-economy.

How Often A.E. Jackson Posts and Votes on Other's Content:
Every day! Based on the refueling of Publish0x tokens in his account, A.E. Jackson plans to space out Voting, and Posting Comments on an Hourly schedule. Each day he reviews posts curated by several groups that he follows to find fresh talented writers, or interesting pieces that are well presented. When a post catches his attention, A.E. Jackson will respond with a meaningful comment, and start a personal interaction with the Author. This is a great way to encourage new writers, and those new to the Publish0x Platform. Because his votes are spaced out, most - if not all - will be 100% votes with full power. A.E. Jackson also finds great value in reposting quality blogs using the reposting feature. When a series he enjoys, or a service to the community operates well, A.E. Jackson is eager to share those posts with others!

Something FUN About A.E. Jackson:
In 2017, A.E. Jackson was fortunate enough to experience a media flight with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. The Aerial Demonstration Team was performing at the Thunder Over Dover event, and they reached out to local media for press coverage. A.E. Jackson was selected and met with the pilot in the morning for briefing. Soon the F-16 rocketed down the runway and up into the sky to perform a series of maneuvers. It was one of the best experiences of his life!

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A.E. Jackson is a “GECO”. Gregarious, Encouraging, Creative, and Outgoing individual. It is these personal strengths which serve him so well as a transmedia storyteller and direct marketing expert.

A.E. Jackson
A.E. Jackson

A.E. Jackson transmedia storyteller, relationship and direct marketing expert. Gregarious, Encouraging, Creative, and Outgoing

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