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[Hobby] Are you a fan of Giant Mecha / Robot? Then we might share the same interest!

By lukejoseph1102 | AdultsBeingKids | 16 Jul 2023

How It all Started

From the tender age of seven, my youthful eyes were captivated by the vibrant world of mecha, where colossal machines clashed in epic battles. It was during a visit to a local hobby store that I first encountered the alluring allure of Gunpla. The shelves adorned with meticulously crafted plastic masterpieces whispered tales of creativity and craftsmanship.

With an innocent curiosity ignited within me, I reached out to touch one of those pristine boxes, feeling the smoothness beneath my fingertips. It was as if destiny had gently guided me toward my future passion. Enthralled by the possibilities that lay within, I pleaded with my parents, beseeching them to grant me the chance to embark on this remarkable journey.


Days turned into weeks, and finally, on a special occasion, my wish was granted. An intricately designed Gunpla kit materialized before my eyes, shimmering with latent potential. My heart soared with anticipation as I gingerly unwrapped the box, revealing the contents within—a trove of plastic sprues, each holding the key to constructing my own mobile suit masterpiece.

I approached the task with earnest determination, studying the meticulous instructions that unfolded like a map to a hidden realm. Each numbered part held significance, their shapes and textures dancing before my imaginative gaze. With unwavering focus, I navigated the assembly process, attentively clipping, filing, and delicately arranging the tiny components.

As the hours melded into an artful symphony of patience and precision, I discovered the subtle nuances of this meticulous art form. Each connection forged, every seam carefully smoothed, I found solace in the delicate balance between technicality and artistry. From applying minute decals to adding subtle weathering effects, I became the conductor of my own creative orchestra.

Over time, my collection grew, with shelves lined by an array of completed masterpieces, each imbued with its own distinct character and story. Through the countless hours spent honing my craft, I discovered not just a hobby but a medium through which I could express my deepest emotions and aspirations. The Gunpla I built became an extension of myself—an embodiment of my dreams and the embodiment of the remarkable universe that had captivated my heart.


Beyond the mere act of assembly, I found solace in the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. Local gatherings and online communities provided a platform for shared experiences and boundless inspiration. Conversations would swirl, punctuated by whispers of technique and admiration for one another's creations. It was through these interactions that I realized Gunpla had become more than just a hobby—it had blossomed into a vibrant community, a sanctuary for like-minded souls to connect and create.

Now, as I stand here, years later, reminiscing upon that serendipitous encounter in the hallowed aisles of that hobby store, I marvel at the profound impact Gunpla has had on my life. It has taught me patience, nurtured my attention to detail, and fostered an unyielding passion for creation. And so, with each meticulously crafted Gunpla, I continue to celebrate the child within me, forever enraptured by the wonder of this enduring hobby.



The start of a new Journey

As the years passed and my Gunpla collection flourished, a new flame began to flicker within me—an eagerness to share my passion with the world. Inspired by the countless hours I had spent crafting and perfecting my models, an idea germinated in my mind, birthing a desire to create a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of Gunpla.

With trembling anticipation, I set up a modest recording setup, ensuring every angle and lighting was carefully considered to capture the essence of my builds. The camera lens became my window to a wider audience, as I prepared to unveil my creations to the world.

With a gentle press of the record button, I embarked on a journey of self-expression. Each video was carefully scripted, each word meticulously chosen to convey not just the technical aspects but the passion and story behind each model. I poured my heart and soul into every frame, allowing my audience to witness the fervor and dedication that went into every brushstroke and panel lining.

The YouTube community embraced my content with open arms, fellow enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Comments brimmed with appreciation, questions, and shared experiences. It was a vibrant tapestry of like-minded individuals coming together, united by their love for Gunpla and the stories weaved within these plastic marvels.

Through my YouTube channel, I discovered a sense of purpose, a platform to not only showcase my builds but also to contribute to a community that had nurtured my love for Gunpla from the very beginning. It was a humbling experience to witness the impact my videos had on aspiring modelers, as they found confidence and inspiration to embark on their own artistic journeys.

And so, the story of my Gunpla hobby intertwined with the creation of my YouTube channel, forever entwined in a dance of creativity and community. With each upload, I aimed to kindle the same flame within others that had sparked my own passion long ago—a flame that would illuminate the path for future generations of Gunpla enthusiasts, united by their shared love for the artistry and wonder that resides within those plastic frames.

That is all for this first post and I do hope I do not stir your boredom. You may watch my videos on my newly made youtube channel - if you decide to do so, know that I and my video editor truly appreciate that. See you next time! 


AdultsbeingKids YT channel - https://www.youtube.com/@AdultsBeingKids 

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