A magical natural place in the Caura River

By ADOTours | ADOTours | 20 Jun 2019

The Big Beach Of Caura is located in Venezuela on the banks of the Caura River, which is one of the tributaries of the Orinoco River, which is one of the largest rivers in America, this place is called El Playón del Caura (The Big Beach Of Caura), this is an indigenous camp that receives a large number of visitors from around the world.



To get here you have to navigate for about 5 hours first by the Orinoco River and then by the Caura River.



This camp is in the middle of the jungle and you can see the wildlife of the area up close, it is really amazing how many animals live with the natives and tourists can approach to them in the camp, as for example this Chigüire that came close to me to say hello.




I could also taste some of their food like Casabe (a kind of bread made from yucca) and some fruits like Cocoa which is where the chocolate comes from.





I spent several days sharing with the natives and I took a moment to practice with them some English to help them interact with the tourists.



Approximately 2 hours walking from the camp is the waterfall Para, which is really very nice.



And if you have already got there to watch it, take a little more time and you can get to the top of the waterfall and swim for a while.



These are just some of the things that can be done in this wonderful place, but this is a place not very well known due to the difficult access, (5 hours sitting on a board in a boat), but it is an excellent place for those who enjoy to be in direct contact with nature.

See you soon people of the world.

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