You're beautiful...

By adelaja | adelaja | 29 May 2019

You're a beautiful, fascinating woman.,
Like a Lily of the valley in pure dew...
You're as bright as a bright star,
With a rose in a black braid.
You sculpted the sculptor's hands,
So tender with warmth in the shower,
Your body is decorated with flowers,
That in Eden tore at the bushes...
Your heart is filled with love,
And your house - laughing loved people,
Near the house sowed health,
And added romantic nights.
He sent an Angel from heaven,
To you in life is protected,
To always, when will the need
He wing of the from evils shut down.
Joyous sounds are rushing in the space,
Sounds of happiness and fun songs,
Hands of the sculptor - Lord hands,
That blinded you in this day!
You're beautiful! I see! I know!
And for this - only God praise!
I wish you from my heart:
Longevity, inspiration, goodness!

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