What is the Faucetcollector and how to earn money with it?

What is the Faucetcollector and how to earn money with it?

By Tom29 | Active and passive income | 7 Aug 2020

Hello today I show you what the Faucetcollector is and how you can earn money with it. At the first we learn what a faucet is.


What is a faucet?

A faucet is a website. On the website you can earn money for a simpel click and a I am not a bot verification like a Google Recaptcha.a95b4c55b9394aafbe842e723643f8a2cd27cb295d375b0bfb7668637c624c29.pngHow to Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in PHP 7 Contact Form - positronX.io


How earn the faucets?

The faucets earn money with ads


What is the Faucetcollector?

The Faucetcollector is an automatic software. It cost 13 USD and it soleves you the faucets. you can say which faucet and the time distance for the next claim. Attention a lot of faucets you can claim only every hour. You shouldn't claim every hour because often is a faucetcollector not allowed. 


How can you earn money with the Faucetcollector?

You must buy the Faucetcollector. then you should deposit about 5 USD for the captcha. You can do it in the user area on the Faucetcollector website. Now you can Download the Faucetcollector and after this you can register on Coinpot. Now you have a wallet for the Moon faucets. You need this. From now you can use this Faucets: Moon-Bitcoin; Moon-Dogecoin; Moon-Litecoin; Moon-Bitcoincash and Moon-Dash. You can also use other faucets I use these: Cointiply; adBTC; freebitccoin; adDoge; adBCH and Mellowads. If you use more faucets you earn more. You should make automatic brakes otherwise you could be banned.


Is it difficult to earn money and how much do you earn?

No its easy. When you have erverything set up you have a passiv income. The earning is differently. When you use all Moon faucets is it at least $5 in the month. I make about 20 USD in the mouth.


If you have questions you can comment. Thx for reading 

Active and passive income
Active and passive income

Hello, in this blog i talk how you can earn money

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