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By achim03 | achim | 6 Jan 2020

When in december 2019 faucethub.io closed its microwallet service, faucet owners and faucet users were confronted with a big void. There was no comparable service out there that could work as a viable substitute. Like many other faucet owners, I closed my faucets. 

Not even a month later, there is a service that seems to be a real alternative with Faucetpay.io


Why is faucetpay the most promising microwallet service?

When I compare faucetpay with other new microwallet services like walcrypt or kswallet I like the fact that it comes with a very simple user interface. Whereas walcrypt and kswallet are killing your senses with tons of pop-up's and banners, faucetpay comes free of ads. At the moment only 4 currencies are supported by faucetpay (btc, ltc, doge and eth) but more are coming soon. In spite of that there are already many faucets that are using the service. 


Games, Offerwalls, Exchange

Faucetpay offers an exchange where you can switch your coins immediately. This is really great and is in my eyes the most interesting income source for the website. With such and exchange there shouldn't be any need for ads. In addition to that you can play games and also complete offers and surveys. 


A sortable list with all faucetpay faucets

Thanks to the provided api, I've created a sortable list with all faucetpay faucets. There are already several hundred faucets supported waiting just to be claimed from.


Scale your income from faucets

If you plan to claim regularly from faucets, I would suggest that you follow my free e-mail course that will teach you how to claim from faucets in an efficient manner and how you can scale this income. 


What are your experiences with faucets?

A lot of people consider faucets to be a loss of time. Do you agree with that? 

Personally I think that faucets offer the best way to get crypto currencies for free. It takes some time but if you do it well, you can collect quite some coins. In addition to that you should always keep in mind that the coins that you claim today might have a different value tomorrow. When I first claimed from faucets, a single claim could pay me up to 4000 satoshis!


The best btc faucets

List with all faucetpay faucets

The 100'000 satoshis per week strategy - free e-mail course

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