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By Phunkylady | Random news and rants | 4 Apr 2021

Free crypto referral links:


Just like your attention here reading or posting blogs will earn you crypto, there are a few others that you can earn crypto through too. 

So far these are showing to be worthy of my time, though they take little time or effort to setup or use.


These are just my opinions and findings so please check and research for yourself as I’m not a financial advisor, and these are subject to change .

Im just trying to figure out a better way than szruggle street which these might do and it might help others too, so im sharing in hope that it might help others 👍🏼🤗



The first link is a usdt btc miner  , second mines “coin” exchangeable for xyo, eth or btc and others, other  is free btc


Let me explain what I have figured out from these apps.


1- StormGain: minimum of $10 usdt before ability to withdraw and the rule is it can only be traded for other crypto then any gains from that are yours to do with what you like

2- Coin : this one has been surprisingly great. Running in the background using your Bluetooth to validate gps etc in turn you earn coin, exchangeable for xyo , eth, btc and other physical items . My first redeem on free version has earned a great amount of interest and a good profit.


3- earn up to $200 btc free btc, lottery tickets and rewards points by rolling the wheel each hour. You can also earn interest on your btc as long as you hold at least 30,000 satoshi


You will also get referral rewards for inviting others to these!


Stay turned for anything else I find I’ll post about them when I do !



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Random news and rants
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