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NFT craze? - 1 week later, and a lot happened

By ACAC | ACAC | 1 Apr 2021

So what happened since the Start Trek Nimoy NFT sale?

First, I got a bonus pack as there was a technical fumble when people like me opened packs in the first hours. These packs were giving shards for only part of the series, and as a remedial bonus packs were gifted to the ones who had already opened theirs. This was a nice gift, even if it could dilute the overall value of the shards and card. I'm not worried that much about, though. If the value of this stuff shall rise at some point, I doubt it will change anything in the long run.

At the time I'm writing, unopened 10 packs can be found for 34 WAX, 30 packs for 85 WAX, shards from 0.07 WAX on Atomichub.

Bonus pack

I also got a bunch of game NFTs from Alien Worlds, some I found by luck while mining, but others I mostly bought from mining in game for TLM and then converting TLM to WAX on Alcor before buying the items on Atomichub. Mining would be a bit dull, if it was not for the chance to win some bonus NFTs like cryptids (no luck yet), cryptomedals (got 1 from the lowest rank like this one hereunder), or cryptomonkeys (got 1). The cryptomonkeys community is what makes me stay for the most part.

Workers medalcryptomonkey

What else did I get as far as NFTs go? First, I didn't get any any Godzilla or Cartombs as I was too slow and the interesting offers went too fast. What I got instead are some various NFTs from promos such as Metaforce or friendly drops via people on Discord who have some amazing tips.

The best I got, and even started collecting, are from someone called Retrofutures who I met on the Banano Discord server. If you are lucky, you can get one from a free drop (or for 0.01 WAX to avoid the bots getting everything). If you are not of the waiting or gambling kind, you can also buy some from the secondary market on Atomichub. The lowest priced ones start at less than 10 WAX but some can go much higher. Hereunder are 3 from my collection.




If you want to support the works of talented independent artists, why not look at what Retrofutures and others are offering. It's an easy way to start collecting some art for affordable prices via NFTs, and why not upgrade to physical works of art later on!





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