My Intro - A newbie Crypto investor and Programmer.

By ac05 | ac05xblog | 5 May 2021

Hello Publishers,

Sorry for my late intro post. Well, I made my account on May 1 and I waited till today for my first intro post. I wanted to make my Intro post a b'day intro post. Ya, that's right today is my birthday.




Hey guys, my name is Akshay chauhan and I am an engineering undergrad student. I have become 22 today. I am pursuing BE in Computer Science and Technology. I am a programmer and part-time blogger. I recently started investing in cryptocurrency on various apps. 

Apart from academics, I play basketball and cricket, write microblogs, do competitive programming, gardening, and play e-sports.

I started playing video games since I was a kid.  I could remember my first game was Mario then I switched to snow bros. I use to have Nintendo. But as the era changed switched to Counter-Strike 1.6 and then to  Counter-Strike -GO and many other games will share them in another post.

Apart from it, I have done some social services, planted trees etc. 

I also have an interest in travelling and photography. I have been to seas, mountains, deserts. Love travelling. Where ever I go I use to click at least one picture of that place as a souvenir.  So yes photography and travelling.






Well, My skills are related to computer science and coding. If you need help can ask me.

  • Java
  • Python
  • SQLite
  • JavaScript
  • Data Structures

Contents that I blog on

  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Java and Data Structures
  • Crypto
  • Experiences
  • FAQs

Why here on Publish0x?

I am here to share my knowledge on my field of expertise and to read the contents of other bloggers. I am also Looking forward to meeting new people here and having conversations with them.


                                                       So this was my B'day / Intro post


My socials

                 Publish0x             |  ac05

                 Leo Finance/hive |  aco5

                 Insta                    |  __aco5__


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A competitive Programmer exploring different domains


Hey publishers, I am ac05 and I am a part-time blogger and Programmer, This section will consist of light blogs and reviews.

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