You Drive Me Crazy

It's another late night for me and you know how I do with late nights, time for another freewriting session perhaps?

Alright, no need to say it twice, you just ask and you shall receive. Very well then, without a fixed topic in mind, let me just go ahead with what's on the top of my mind. So what would it be?

Oh right, that reminds me, I was thinking earlier that I believe it's time to dissolve and demolish the idea of applying and having a driver's license. I seriously doubt that it's serving the purpose of what it intends to do. In principle, I think that having a driver's license authorizes you to drive a vehicle because it signifies that you know how to drive them and you know how to follow simple rules and regulations.

But come on, seriously, just a few minutes watching the traffic go by anywhere in the country will already give you an idea of how the traffic system is effed the hell up. Double parking here, lanes cutting there, not using signal lights here, and a lot of drivers who just don't give a single fccck.

Applying for a license here is a huge hassle. Not because it is difficult to pass the exams or tests but because it's just a massive waste of time and a huge scam. The only purpose of having a license here is to have a valid identification card, and for the government? It's just another way to earn money. Why don't we make it easier for everyone and just let any citizen drive around if they are able and just charge everyone automatically, after all, it's just the money that the government is concerned about, right?

Most of the people holding a license to drive are just as ignorant to the rules as the people who don't. A lot of stupid drivers out there who just know how to run a vehicle but don't really know how to drive.

Oh geez, this is really hard and so difficult. Just like how difficult it is to maneuver around the roads when it's filled with rascals who can't wait for a single second to have their turn to go.

And of course, I'm not saying that all drivers are crazy daredevils and rule-breakers. Many of them are really good people too. Many know how to follow rules and have great etiquette when driving around.

I certainly believe that it would be better without the hassle of applying for and getting a driver's license. After all, most of us didn't even bother with the exams and got it thru a magic entity inside the offices called "fixers". Don't you agree?

So... What are your thoughts about this one? Let me have it.

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