Freewriting: He Was a Great Salesman

"He was a great salesman", that's all the people in the wake say.
He was a lot of things.
He was a father. He was a son. He was a husband. He was a brother, and he was a friend to many.

But what everyone remembers is how great of a salesman he was. And anyone who knows his story will surely believe that as well.

He didn't only sell products and retail. He sold dreams, he sold experience, and he sold experience.

He started out selling handmade shoes out in the streets. He was once shooed away by an owner of an establishment because he was selling shoes in front of it. He was chased away.

Years of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. He made his little shoe gig into a multi-billion conglomerate we now know in the Philippines as the SM holdings.
Buildings, malls, houses, and many other establishments are now under his family's control because of his unrelenting ambition.

What can I say? Henry Sy Sr. He truly was a great salesman.





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