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Twenty (20) facts about me.

By davidbolu34 | About Me (davidbolu34) | 20 Aug 2021

Welcome to my blog, I'm davidbolu34. 

This is my first post in Publish0x. 

Below are Twenty (20) facts about me. 


1. My full name is David Boluwaji Ojo. My Publish0x username is davidbolu34

2. Second Son, Third born of four siblings.

3. I was birthed in Abeokuta Ogun State. I spent most of my childhood and adult life in Abeokuta and Ado Ekiti, Ilorin. It is known that a person is a citizen of a country where he/she is birthed. So, I'm a Nigerian by birth.

4. I have strong passion for Applied Sciences as a career. It is good for one to go for what he/she has passion for, I have obtained Bachelor's and Master's degree in Applied Chemistry, I'm an Applied chemist today, Glory to God.

5. I love God and the things of God, I grew up having good passion for the things of God. I was told that I was born on a Sunday while my mum have been staying in the church for months till I was birthed August 8. So, I was named David, "A man after God's heart" Boluwaji, "A man that wakes up with God daily"

6. I like watching football than playing: Messi is welcomed in PSG. This seasons football will be hot with Messi, Neymar and Mpape in the attacking wings of PSG☺️☺️

7. I love music: I love Guitar Music so much that it is life for me and I keep growing better in playing music as a career.

8. I love research work: I'm a research student from my post graduate programs and I will still continue with my PhD sooner, so as keep to contributing to the body of knowledge.

9. I'm sacrificial: If it's in my power to help I will always do without a second thought even if it will cost me my comfort. I derive joy in making people happy by taking responsibility. Although! there must be moderation😁

10. I love using something of quality: I will prefer to have just one quality thing that ten fake things😎.

11. I love cleanliness and neatness: We live from within to without: So I'm conscious of my health and wellbeing by making sure I maintain personal hygiene to be able to influence others and my world purely.

12. I love honesty because one thing i don't like is having a liar as a friend: Many Ladies even like guys that lie to them, but I'm not that type. I stand for nothing, but the truth.

13. I love watching adventurous movies, Listening to Edifying Messages and Reading Spiritual Books, I like to watch and rewatch adventurous movies like MERLIN😁, Empress Ki, Legend of the seeker😁

14. I love solving problems because I grew up into loving to help situations get better. It makes me feel energetic and alive.

15. I'm less emotional, Women are said to be emotional when it comes to love than men. I can love with all my heart But I'm not very good at showing it always but I'm much better now with the influence of my fiancee. I had to regulate the intensity of my logical approach to situations. Well! I'm getting more stable with my logical reasoning approach and emotional intelligence daily.

16. I have high self esteem because One thing i believe in life is that, you are what you tell yourself from within. This is not ego, it is been self motivated and visionary.

17. I detest dishonor because I try to honor all men. Although! I'm not perfect as sometimes situations get beyond control but I'm always conscious of the need to live a honorable life. I don't use privileges and position to deprive people their rights. I apologise if need be and work more on myself rather than blaming others.

18. I love Inspiring people because I find it easy to encourage people to do the needful, take the right step towards expected goals without us giving up.

19. I'm jovial and reserved because I make people laugh when I decide to chill naturally and I can be a good listener without talking too much until I want to talk often.

20. I love exercising: I like going for a work up not just to strengthen my muscles and ligaments but for my overall wellbeing.


Trust my first post is worthy of your attention. 

 I will appreciate your sincere comments. Thank you for your time.

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I'm David Bolu, i live in Abuja, Nigeria. I'm an Applied chemist, Guitarist and Researcher. I'm currently into virtual reality gaming operations and content creation.

About Me (davidbolu34)
About Me (davidbolu34)

This is where I share contents that tells more about myself and career/character development.

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