Which job is better? In a group or alone?

By nervi | About Life | 6 Aug 2019

Work has long been one of the most important factors in human life. It does not matter whether it is a company activity, music production or strawberry picking. Work was and still is a phenomenon that manifests itself in society on a daily basis.

In my derivation I would like to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both "styles" of work and a little bit of add my thoughts...as always :)


The first thing that comes first is individual work, because it's the one I'm most involved with in my life. This does not mean that I am an isolated self-taught. I like to work in a team, I just did more alone. The biggest and most noticeable benefit of individual work is the freedom to make decisions. From my observations I noticed that people working alone reach their goals faster. It's all because we have our own plan of action in advance and there's no pressure from other people and ideas. On the other hand, this is also a huge drawback. If we are not creative people who can't think of something and come up with a solution to a problem, for example, we are at a standstill. This often happens because we do not receive any stimuli or impulses that could stimulate us to act.

The second important advantage of working on your own is that you have your own mode of work. By this I mean my own way of performing tasks, my own unimposed pace or even the final result. The opposite may be the lack of support and the result is being support for yourself...which does not always work out.

The last feature I notice in this mode is self-sufficiency. We know exactly what we need, what kind of tools we need to do something, etc. We know exactly what we need. Then we become the most independent unit, which for many people can be a very good impulse. For some, however, it will be too many things at the same time, which means that we have to count this stage also as a disadvantage.


It's time to work in a group.

I think that the basis from which I should start is the notion that many social psychologists flew behind. I mean social facilitation. What is it? In short, it is nothing more than a positive "pressure" of other people on our person so that we can better perform the tasks entrusted to us, because we want to show that they have chosen the best person for this position. That is why, for example, athletes achieve better results when they exercise in front of the audience.

Ideas, ideas and ideas again. Let's not fool ourselves. In a multi-person team we will come up with more projects and ideas than we would do as a single unit. Thanks to this workflow, we are collectively able to choose the most optimal option for our assumption. Unfortunately, I see the second bottom here. There are so many people, so many opinions and ideas that there may be disputes on the selection line for a given issue.

Everyone has talent, but no one has it. I would like to say that a big advantage of working in a team is that the individual strengths of each person gathered in a whole can do miracles and the final result can be even better than we intended.

The last defect I can catch is conformism. If the whole group is in favour of plan A, when we are in favour of plan B, some people may feel an inner need to settle. And who knows, maybe our plan was the better?

A word of the end,
I feel good about both work styles. I value individualism for being independent, while at work in a group I love to be with other people and exchange ideas reaching success together.

I am interested in your opinion, what is your opinion on this subject?

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