Coinbase makes the next step

By dealer | about crypto market | 7 Apr 2021

 Coinbase Global, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, plans to go public on April 14, according to sources quoted by Bloomberg.

 The company's plans were examined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and, as Reuters reported late Thursday night , received its approval.

 At the same time the company announced revenue of more than $ 1 billion in the preliminary financial results for the first quarter of 2021, , exceeding the total revenue of 2020.
Coinbase does not aim to raise new funds immediately, and is valued at about $ 90 billion in the Nasdaq market for unlisted companies.

 After this information came up the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market marked a new high of 2 trillion. USD on Monday, according to CoinGecko and Blockfolio, as reported by Reuters.
The new leap in the market is led by bitcoin, whose capitalization has exceeded 1 trillion in the last week. USD

 Analysts estimate that as long as bitcoin remains above $ 53,000, its capitalization will be over $ 1 trillion. USD

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i am new in this market and i would like to learn new things

about crypto market
about crypto market

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