Big Companies into Crypto-Fever

By dealer | about crypto market | 31 Mar 2021

 When Bitcoin, the flagship of cryptocurrencies, appeared 12 years ago, no one expected,that it would be a phenomenon that deserves our attention. Back then if someone had as a thought that Bitcoin would be considered as a replacement to our monetary system for sure we would laugh and we wouldn't think about it not even as a joke.

 Nowadays Bitcoin is marketed as the single world currency of the future. This is the main narrative that feeds his frantic course.

 Recenlty Paypal announced that they will participate in this market more activily."This is the first time you can use cryptocurrencies in the same way you would use your credit or debit card in your PayPal wallet," said Dan Sulman, president and CEO.

 The new "Checkout with Crypto" feature is being added to the cryptocurrency exchange and service launched by PayPal last October.

 On the same time Tesla customers will now be able to buy the company's electric vehicles with bitcoin, as announced by its head Elon Musk, taking an important step towards the use of cryptocurrency in commerce.

 "Now you can buy Tesla with bitcoin," Musk said in a Twitter post, adding that the option will be available outside the US later this year.

 Despite the fact that too many investors put their money on the cryptomarket it is important to mention that there are many who express their's concerns and even more those who believe that "something is wrong". Among them are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, US Treasury Secretary Janet Gellen, etc. However, there is still no reaction from investor protection mechanisms.

 In my opinon what is happening today with cryptomarket is testing our logic.

 For example the dramatic fall of the Turkish pound in recent weeks has given new impetus to cryptocurrency trading, as investors hope to profit from the recent rally and protect themselves from rising inflation, according to Reuters.

 The Turkish currency has lost more than 13% since President Erdogan's sudden ousting of the country's central banker, Naci Agbal. Agbal's dismissal accelerated the explosion of transactions in the cryptocurrency market in Turkey.

 In conclusion, the cryptomarket will be a part of our economy and our life in the following years and we need to accept that as a fact.Althought if someone would like to be a member of this world needs to be sure about his moves or else there is a huge danger to lose everything.

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about crypto market

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