2000 HORA free token BONUS in Crypto Idle Miner

By Beniwan | abenophis | 1 Mar 2020

I'm sure you've heard, even tested, the Crypto Idle Miner game : this is a free game available on iOs and Android.

In this free game, you can build your virtual mining farm (no real mining on your mobile, juste idle game) and be rewarded each week with HORA tokens, the quantity depends on your place in the ranking (it is really fast and simple to be well ranked).

HORA Token uses TRON and can be traded on a few TRON exchanges.



Playing very little, I run on an average of 800 HORA token obtained each week.

I have been playing for a few weeks so now I have almost 20k tokens.



In this game you can enter PROMO codes to win rewards, here are some still active :

  • BTCRYPTO – 500 HORA tokens
  • EG2019 – 500 HORA tokens
  • FH2019 – 500 HORA tokens
  • MT2019 – 500 HORA tokens
  • WELCOME – 200 HORA tokens

You will have some requirements to use those promo codes, like reach level 3 or 5, unlock Cooling System etc ... but it's going very fast.

To get the app/game : 

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