Looking for your first POAP Badge? Let's talk about it...
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Looking for your first POAP Badge? Let's talk about it...

By cypress101 | AaronVickCrypto | 5 Dec 2021

One of the things that has been missing from the crypto space is a way to easily show proof of attendance.

Enter POAPs, but how?

So, during a hackathon, the concept of Proof of Attendance Protocols was created. Each POAP can only be claimed at the event it represents, so if you want a collection, you have to attend events and collect the code!  The hackathon was at ETHDenver 2019 and POAP was a hackathon project to reward fellow hackers for their attendance at one of the most versatile events in the world.

POAPs are special NFT badges provided to participants of both virtual and also real-world occasions. While POAPs can be made use of to maintain a document of your life experiences, others visualize a future where POAPs play a much larger function in the digital economy.

POAPs Described
POAP is a phrase for Proof of Attendance Protocol. These NFT badges are offered to confirm the presence of an occasion, whether it took place essentially or in the real life. Each badge is unique, suggesting that the only way to get a particular POAP is to be at the event. Enthusiasts can quickly accumulate a distinct collection of POAPs which documents their experiences and trips through the crypto space.

All POAPs are produced with the ERC-721 criterion utilized for NFTs. Nevertheless, for an NFT to be classified as a POAP, it needs to fulfill a specific collection of standards. First, it needs to be minted through the official POAP wise agreement. Second, it needs to contain metadata related to a specific time or date, approximately one year in size. Finally, all POAPs have to have a picture associated with them.

While POAPs was originally produced on the Ethereum main web, because in October 2020, POAPs has actually been developed and distributed on the Ethereum sidechain xDai. Since xDai is created for fast, low-cost transactions, POAPs can be produced by issuers for really low price. As such, POAPs are typically dispersed for free to whoever is eligible to claim them.

POAPs can also be migrated from xDai to Ethereum if the user pays the gas charge to do so. However, due to high costs on Ethereum, a lot of individuals decide to leave their POAPs on xDai where they can see them on the POAP app. Although POAPs seek to remain on xDai for the near future, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has hinted that they could be organized on positive rollups in the future.

Most recently, Adidas launched a collaboration between a drop on their Confirmed app and the collection of a POAP.

So, how do you get your first POAP?

Let's start by downloading the POAP app so you can unlock the badges when you find codes. It is available on both the Apple and Android store.

The link to the POAP website is https://poap.xyz/.

Next, you need to have a wallet installed such as MetaMask or Trust.

When you install POAP and open it the first time you will need to link your ETH wallet address to POAP.

That's really the only steps needed to get rolling with minting your first POAP!

But what about the first code, you ask?!

Okay, here's the deal: If you made it this far, you really want your first badge, right? The step to unlock your unique badge code may be found here.

Good luck to the readers who claim their very first POAP badge!



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