Is it not amazing how people speak against the laws that have always worked for us while we beneficial just keep quiet and watch.
By keeping quiet, we are indirectly giving those people opportunities to sell lies to other people who don’t know the truth yet. When you speak out and stand for the truth, you are not speaking for yourself alone, but so that the wrong beliefs will not be taken or seen as the truth.

The continues hearing of any information will definitely sinks into his subconscious as the truth, so we must stand and ensure that when the world tells a lie once, we say that truth five times with even more valid proof.
It is time to make this world a better place, free from killing, rape, injustice, lies, bearing false witness. etc

Now we need not argue with them, you do need to speak the truth so that the lie will not prevail in the minds of the people. we need to use every single means to speak up peace love in the world. this is our world let us take charge and put an end to injustice. thank you for reading

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I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engr Passionate about Blockchain technology . Also holds expertise in digital marketing.

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