How do you make money with Bitcoin and crypto?
How do you make money with Bitcoin and crypto?

By Nengi147 | A Word for today | 28 Mar 2019

You are constantly hearing about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

But do you know how to make money with them? 

Think of all the cryptocurrency “mumbo jumbo” as a new stock market.
Think of Bitcoin as a business.
Ethereum as a business.
Litecoin as a business… and so on. 

You have Wall Street for the old fashion, old money stock market people.
You have NASDAQ for those who like more modern companies and tech. 

And now you have Cryptocurrencies. 

It’s that simple, just a little jargon change. But you make money in very much the same way.
Cryptocurrencies are like the newest stock market. 

You use your real-world dollars to buy cryptocurrencies. Just like you use dollars to buy stocks. Then you buy and sell the cryptocurrencies just like you would buy and sell stocks on the stock markets. 

Then you cash in your profits by turning them into dollars… just like stocks. 

There is one difference… A HUGE difference… 

Cryptocurrencies could destroy the stock market.
You now longer have to buy stocks to get a small piece of a company. You could just buy their coin. Now there is no transaction fee. No broker needed. It becomes much simpler. 

Why would people ever buy stocks again? 

If I were predicting the future, I would question the longevity of the stock market as it is today. For it to survive I predict it will turn into a ‘coin-market’, where a share of a company like Uber or Airbnb could be represented by a coin instead of a stock. 

As you can see… ..
Cryptocurrencies are going to change the investment world!... Get ready!


I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engr Passionate about Blockchain technology . Also holds expertise in digital marketing.

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