Using Proton for your NFTs

I’ve been using Proton Market recently to create a few NFTs. This is a world entirely new to me and I wanted to try and create income by making some NFTs.

Proton is the platform I chose, not for any specific reason but I feel it will help others in making NFTs by taking through the process.

First of all you need a Proton wallet. This is easy to set up. You also need a unique user name, I chose @elonrmusk, just because. 

Next head over to Proton Market and click get started. At the time of writing it is not possible to create NFTs on proton via a mobile device, you will just get this message.Error message

Once you move to PC you’ll then be able to upload a file. There are only certain file types allowed such as JPEGs. You then have to select a name for your NFT and the number of editions. You then have to Mint your NFT, in other words, make it part of the ethereum blockchain. There can be a cost to this depending on quantity required.

A few more clicks and you are ready to put your first NFTs on the market. You can only sell what you have minted and you get to chose the price. Then it’s just a waiting game. See how I got on



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A venture in the nature of Crypto
A venture in the nature of Crypto

I’ve just started in the world of Crypto. Let’s see what I find out on my journey, the key influencers and pitfalls.

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